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TactEx Industries Announces the Release of a Full Product Line of Innovative and Versatile Diamond Drilling Equipment

Located on Vancouver Island, Canada, TactEx Industries is proud to announce the launch of an innovative and versatile product line of diamond drilling equipment.

TactEx Industries is a team of industry professionals that utilize and embrace the latest and most innovative technologies. They are constantly looking for ways to improve safety, reliability, and versatility in the diamond drilling industry and have dedicated themselves to mastering and pioneering powerful products that push the industry forward.

TactEx is a product forged from extensive industry knowledge from Macon Industries 15 years of success in custom fabrication for the growing and demanding industry of exploratory drilling. The four founders collectively have more than 60 years of experience in design and fabrication for some of the industry’s most leading organizations and challenging environments.

“Out of the fire of hard work in our 45,000 square foot facility has emerged TactEx, short for Tactical Exploration! Our goal is to make diamond drillers’ lives easier by providing a drill that integrates into specifically designed platforms, bridging the gap between terrain and target. With exploration targets becoming more diverse, so should your drill.” ~James Patterson, Co-Founder of TactEx Industries

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