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X-10 SX-10 FX-10 TX-10

With decades of field experience, we understand what you need from your diamond drill. That’s why we designed the TactEx X-10: a robust, reliable, and highly versatile surface drill, created to perform and integrate seamlessly into fly, shack, and track platforms. Get ready to navigate diverse terrain exploration by adapting a single drill on each job. We guarantee top quality, a short turnaround, and on-time delivery.

  • Air-cooled hydraulics system
  • 24” mast dump
  • Full guarding package 
  • Tier 4 Cummins Turbo Diesel 180 Horsepower 4 cylinder
  • Removable skids
  • Levelwind winch 
  • Available in three proprietary platform options.

Powerful, durable, and versatile, the X-10 diamond drill is engineered to adapt to the industry’s dynamic demands.

Highlights of the X-10
Feed Frame

Designed to be powerful yet lightweight, we’ve eliminated excess material – without affecting the frame’s structure – using CNC processes. The result: The strongest, pound-for-pound feed frame in the industry that features zinc-coated rails, powder-coated finish, and certified lifting points.

Mast Dump

Reach your targets with this 24” mast dump sub frame, one of the most popular features of the X-10. The mast dump allows lower head height for easier rod and core handling. Plus, the connection point between the feed frame and the mast dump section allows for the correct bushings and tolerances in the main pivot connection and hoist cylinders. Still, you’ll have a simple and quick removal of the feed frame.

Levelwind Winch

Each X-10 comes with a stock level wind winch, which helps to reduce the risk of injury for the helper and increase productivity on the drill.

Aluminum Components

Light, aluminum materials are incorporated on components such as the aluminum hydraulic tank, hydraulic pack structure, and stinger/tower.

Pump Drive

The pump drive couples directly to the engine, giving you a better connection and quick and easy separation of the engine and power pack. Plus, it gives you an overall shorter power pack so that you don’t need to guard a spinning driveshaft.

Removable Skids

Removable skids give you the option of mounting this drill in a shack and on tracks. This lets operators have more room and movement around the drill, allowing for a better and more secure connection to the platform. Further, the removable skids lower the overall working height, helping to reduce weight.

Engine options

Engine options include a Tier 4, 4-cylinder turbo charged Cummins engine or a Tier 1, 6-cylinder engine to serve our international clients.

Tier 4 Cummins Turbo Diesel 180 Horsepower 4-cylinder
Hydraulic System
Air-cooled hydraulics system
Hydraulic pilot controls makes and features efficient splitter box / pump drive system eliminates drive shaft
Rexroth and Kawasaki triple pump design
Synchronized head and foot clamp with options to isolate functions
Feed Frame
UHMW slide saddle
24” mast dump
Proprietary feed frame design internally reinforced
45,000 lbs pull back double ram
45 to 90 degree operational angles
Wireline Assemblies
Level wind winch 1,500m 3/16” wireline capacity
Rotzler swivel rod hoist
Head & Foot Clamp
H heads available
P Foot Clamps and H drill head
Full guarding package available for all applications
Interlock switch for safe drilling operation

Robust, reliable, and highly versatile, the X-10 base model is available in three proprietary platform options, including fly, shack and track.