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X-10 SX-10 FX-10 TX-10
Our track system is powered by the drill’s engine and hydraulics carrying your drill to the target with minimal support equipment.
  • 312 steel cat track
  • Hydraulic leveling cylinders
  • Remote operation 
  • Drop-down walkways

The TactEx Track Drill Platform offers adaptability to each one of your exploration projects.

Integrated drill mounts and drip tray

Since drilling can occur in environmentally sensitive areas, having a drip tray to mitigate spill is key. With the TX-10 integrated system, no extra drill skids are required.

Removeable undercarriage

To keep spare parts interchangeable between equipment, the TX-10 undercarriage works as a rod sloop or the platform for the X-10 surface diamond drill.

312 Steel Cat tracks

Keep this track drill moving anywhere, anytime of the year with its 312 steel Cat tracks. Have the ability to weld on ice lugs and take advantage of Caterpillar support – wherever your projects take you.

Remote Control Hydraulic operation

Ensure your crew is safe as you move from drill site to drill site. By operating your hydraulic operation remotely, you can eliminate the extra size and cost of ROPS systems.

Leveling cylinders

Drill sites are rarely flat. These rams make leveling the TX-10 much faster, safer, and easier. Plus, Telescoping with 36” of travel makes the terrain much easier to work on.

Drop Down Walkways

Gain accessibility to all areas of the TX-10 while you conduct drilling operations with its drop-down walkways. This also allows for a smaller footprint while transiting or loading into a sea can.

Hydraulic recovery winch

Sometimes you need a little extra pull when the terrain gets soft or steep. The TX-10 has an optional 20,000lb hydraulic winch to navigate difficult ground. Add some pulleys to this system, and recovery becomes even easier.

CAT 312 steel track system
20,000lb overall weight
Shipping: 92” wide x 180” long x 101” tall
Operational: 155” wide x 218” long x 120” tall
Remote control system
12v wireless remote for electric over hydraulic function
Fuel tank and mud tank capacity
250L double walled fuel tank
500L single mud tank systems with slide-in mixer