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Optimizing Efficiency with Drill Core Rod Handling: TactEx Industries’ Core Baskets

As the days grow shorter and the weather is starting to change, the mining and exploration industry winds down from a busy season. Traditionally, on many drilling sites, the norm was to sling full core boxes back to the core shack for logging. However, with the passage of time, exploration companies are increasingly opting for a more efficient and secure method of transporting core samples. Enter the TactEx Core Baskets – a game-changing innovation that not only ensures the safe transportation of vital samples but also streamlines the re-stocking process for drilling additives and supplies.

Core Baskets: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

TactEx understands the unique challenges faced by the mining and exploration industry. The core baskets developed by TactEx have become an indispensable tool for drill service providers. This solutions offers numerous advantages over traditional core box handling methods.

  •        Preserving Sample Integrity: Core samples are the backbone of any exploration project, as they provide critical insights into the geology and potential mineral deposits. The TactEx Core Baskets provide a secure and cushioned environment for core samples during transportation. This significantly reduces the risk of damage or contamination. This extra insurance ensures that the samples reach the core shack fully intact. Allowing geologists and experts to conduct accurate analysis and make informed decisions.
  • Streamlining Operations: The versatility of the TactEx Core Baskets extends beyond sample transport. These innovative baskets are designed to carry both core samples and essential supplies like additives and burlap. They serve a dual purpose, efficiently restocking the drill on-site during the project, thereby eliminating the need for empty or inefficient backhauls. This optimization saves valuable time and resources, contributing to smoother operations and improved project timelines.
  • Easy Handling and Orientation: TactEx Core Baskets are engineered with practicality in mind. Featuring a drop gate, they are designed for easy handling and precise orientation during landing. This simple yet effective feature reduces the risk of mishandling during helicopter operations. Making our core baskets the reliable and user-friendly solution for core transport.

TactEx: Solution Oriented

In an industry where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, TactEx stands out as a solution-oriented company that goes beyond just building drills. With innovative Core Baskets, we have revolutionized the drill core rod handling process. Our team is offering exploration companies a smarter and more efficient way to manage core sample transportation and supply re-stocking.

As the exploration season is shifting, investing in the right equipment can make all the difference. The TactEx Core Baskets not only safeguard the integrity of core samples but also optimize drill site operations, ultimately contributing to the success of your projects. So, this coming season, take your drilling operations to the next level with TactEx Core Baskets. Experience the benefits of streamlined efficiency and enhanced sample handling in your exploration endeavours.


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