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AME Roundup Annual Mining and Exploration Conference in Vancouver, BC

The AME Roundup is an annual mining conference held in Vancouver, BC. This exhibition brings together leaders in the mining and drilling industry, experts in geology, and professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and challenges facing the mining industry. The AME Roundup also poses a unique opportunity for those that attend to network with other mining enthusiasts in order to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.  Feature presentations from skilled advisors, who share their knowledge and insights on what aspects are currently shaping the mining and exploration culture are one of the main highlights of this conference.

Presenting the X-10 Surface Diamond Drill for the First Time at the 2023 AME Roundup

TactEx Industries Booth at the AME Roundup 2023

The team at TactEx Industries presented their new X-10 drill to the AME roundup Attendees for the first time this year. It was here that the team was able to share their own enthusiasm and solutions around sustainability and responsible resource exploration.  The TactEx philosophy is that technological and design advancement in mining equipment is essential to support the sustainability, efficiency and safety of mining. 

“TactEx is a new company, but we are not new to mining. Macon Industries and the crew at TactEx have been serving the mining industry and exploration drilling for over fifteen years.”  – James Patterson, Co-Founder of TactEx Industries

TactEx Industries is Dedicated to Supporting Their Clients

What sets TactEx Industries apart from the crowd is their dedication to supporting their customers and the quality of their products. Their mission is to give all customers full access to drilling and support equipment that meets or exceeds industry safety standards and to provide world class after sales support. By utilizing the latest in drilling technology for all configurations of the X-10 this drill truly is simple enough to repair and maintain in the field to dramatically reduce downtime on any job. The X-10 stands apart in the industry for being the first drill that integrates seamlessly into a Fly, Shack or Track platform giving the owner the ability to unitize this machine for any contract.

             We aim to build on our reputation as a trusted partner for drilling companies and continue to develop quality equipment that enables the mining industry to move forward in the way of sustainability, safety, and innovation.

  • James Patterson, TactEx Industries Co-founder

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